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H2 Basics

H2 Basics

It's an interesting phenomenon that exists where often those who are the most acquainted with a subject have the hardest time understanding what those outside do not understand. There's a saying that if you can't communicate a subject in an easy way to make it accessible to many audiences, you don't truly understand it. That is all well and good, so long as you understand the pieces that others are missing.

The concept of hydrogen therapy is difficult for many to understand. In fact, we have spent considerable time communicating with research scientists, both will versed in the literature and those entering, and as such, our level of communication has had to match it. Further, we communicate with many skeptics, most of whom come with relevant academic training to bolster their debate, and as such, we have become adept at communicating on this level.

Further creating a rift in our messaging to new consumers, the majority of early adopters of hydrogen water already knew what it was, many having completed certification courses at the Molecular Hydrogen Institute. Because so many early adopters already had a basic, or sometimes even an advanced, understanding of what hydrogen water is, it gave a false perception on the level of understanding the average consumer possessed.

After years on the market building the framework for the industry, numerous clinical trials published and more underway, thousands upon thousands of words written on hydrogen water and hydrogen therapy, countless emails, calls and interviews clarifying many of the questions on the science, we were somewhat surprised to realize we didn't have a good article on what exactly hydrogen water is.

At first, I thought to myself, "it's such a simple concept, why does it need an article?" Upon reviewing the questions on our various ads, and even questions from our own costumers, sometimes even long Time repeat customers, it dawned on me that the majority of people we speaking to do not fully understand what exactly hydrogen water is, and what our hydrogen tablets do at the basic level. So as of today, the following will be added as a permanent page on our "Science" tab.