REJUVENATION hydrogen tablets are a carefully blended formula for optimum creation of hydrogen rich water.

REJUVENATION hydrogen tablets are a carefully blended formula for optimum creation of hydrogen rich water.

Welcome to Drink HRW

We at Drink HRW believe that molecular hydrogen is the future in terms of health regimen, overall wellness, pain management and longevity. We are dedicated to bringing the best products to market, and leading the way in products, devices and techniques to deliver the highest level of hydrogen rich water possible. We believe that everyone who shares this passion should be rewarded, and encourage you to join us in spreading the word about hydrogen, experiencing the tremendous benefits for yourself, and sharing your experience with others. Contact us now for more information and to get started, we’d love to have you join us on this exciting journey!

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Our Founders

About Alex Tarnava

Alex has a passion for health and fitness, learning and self-improvement. After a lifetime of sports activity, he was shocked to find he’d developed osteoarthritis while still in his physical prime. Unwilling to give up his way of life, he dosed himself regularly with Naproxen to counter the pain and discomfort he lived with every day. Over time, the drug’s effects lessened while the gastro-intestinal side-effects increased.

Searching for alternatives, Alex scoured the internet medical sites looking for emerging treatments that would help, reading hundreds of published articles in the process. This was where he happened upon the potential of molecular hydrogen. Skeptical at first, the more he read the more interested he became in its potential.

Testing every available commercial product on the market, he was disillusioned by their claims and lack of effectiveness. None of the companies came close to providing a product that was even close to what was being tested in human studies across the scientific world. None had the hydrogen saturation he knew from reading the science was necessary to effect results.

Motivated by pain and the hope he garnered from his research, he began to experiment with ways of replicating the dosage levels being used successfully across the scientific community. After a time, he realized he needed real expertise and sought out Dr. Richard Holland’s counsel.

After a thrilling ride through discovery, multiple experimentation and finally success, Rejuvenation hydrogen tablets are finally ready for the public. Alex remains committed to bringing relief through Rejuvenation and several other planned products to not just other sufferers, but anyone interested in preventative health and longevity. Together, his team wants to ensure that everyone has the chance to experience the tremendous benefits of daily use of molecular hydrogen in a safe and effective manner. 

About Dr Richard Holland

Richard Holland studied chemistry at the University of Manchester (UK) where he gained an honours degree and a passion for the science of medicinal chemistry.

He continued his studies at the Institute of Cancer Research (London, UK) completing his PhD in combinatorial chemistry in the field of oncology, specifically looking for novel pharmaceutical agents with activity against a variety of newly discovered cancer targets.

Following this work he took a post-doctoral position at the Thrombosis Research Institute (London, UK) working on inhibitors of the coagulation cascade in particular Factor IIa and Factor IXa. Whilst at the TRI, a small private biotech company was created to commercialise their discoveries and this provided Richard with his first experience of small biotech and start-up companies.

In 2004, Richard immigrated to Canada, eventually becoming a citizen in 2008. He continued his work as a medicinal chemist at Neuromed Pharmaceuticals (which later become Zalicus pharmaceuticals). Neuromed was also an academic spin off company set up to create novel Calcium Channel blockers primarily with utility in neuropathic pain and inflammation but also in other central nervous system diseases such as epilepsy. At Neuromed, Richard became Associate director of medicinal chemistry, team leader and also project representative during a 2 year research collaboration with Merck Research Laboratories which at the time was the biggest biotechnology deal in Canadian history.

More recently Richard has moved to another local company, Arbutus biopharma, where he is actively involved in researching cures for Hepatitis B through siRNA and small molecules.

He has been involved in two projects that led to clinical candidates and has been involved with numerous IND applications.

While at Arbutus, Richard was approached by Alex to counsel on the creation of Rejuvenation. He was initially skeptical about the possible role of molecular hydrogen and hydrogen enriched water in promoting health and well being. However, after spending time reviewing the extensive literature and scientific articles published in respected and trusted peer review journals he became increasingly convinced about its therapeutic potential. Of particular interest and relevance in the context of his role as medicinal chemist at Arbutus was a study (in human’s) describing the possibility of using molecular hydrogen to treat Hepatitis B, a disease which affects approximately 350 million people world wide.

He brings his extensive experience in pharmaceutical research and chemistry to HRW Natural Health Products Inc., where he is committed to bringing the best products possible to the market to improve quality of life. He helped fine tune Rejuvenation’s unique formulation and he continually strives to innovate new cutting edge products


H2Blue is the simplest, cheapest and easiest tool in determining hydrogen concentration in water. A simple chemical titration, each drop of h2blue in 6ml of water that turns clear indicates .1PPM of molecular hydrogen! Order H2Blue today to both witness the reaction for yourself, and to share the fascinating results with your friends, family and acquaintances!


REJUVENATION hydrogen tablets are a carefully blended formula for optimum creation of hydrogen rich water. Our formula is without competition. No alternatives come close in terms of saturation of hydrogen or efficiency of reaction. We deliver an end solution that allows for maximal benefit and hydrogen concentration without causing bottles to break, or the need to buy a machine worth thousands of dollars that produces a fraction of the hydrogen. The brainchild of a lifetime health and fitness enthusiast and the careful honing of a PhD combinatorial chemist, Drink HRW’s Rejuvenation is targeted for anyone and everyone. Learn how you too can benefit from hydrogen rich water, and utilize this novel product to maximize your current personal health and wellness routine!


With over 1000 published scientific articles citing various health benefits from various methods of hydrogen consumption, 40 published human studies and 40+ clinical trials underway hydrogen rich water has proven to be a novel delivery method for this important gas. To date hydrogen has shown benefit in over 170 disease model across every organ in the body. As our knowledge of this important gas grows, and studies continue to emerge showing benefit, now is the time to include Rejuvenation hydrogen tablets in your overall health and wellness routine.