Drink HRW was founded as a passion project and it remains very much so to this day. Originally Drink HRW’s Rejuvenation was created solely for use personally and to share with close friends and family. The project has expanded exponentially since 2015, with theproduct being distributed to every continent, helping an ever growing and appreciative customer base attain their optimal health. We are confident that hydrogen-rich water is the most comprehensive preventative health and aging strategy currently on the market, and are increasingly excited and fascinated each and every month as new studies emerge showing benefits we hadn’t previously considered.

Discover the Emerging Therapeutic Potential of Hydrogen Water

Drink HRW actively works with researchers around the world contributing to knowledge and evidence regarding hydrogen water’s emerging therapeutic potential. While many private companies will seek out private for-profit IRB approvals and then solely fund research exploring targets and statements that can be used in marketing, largely motivating teams to show the desired result, Drink HRW believes in teaming with public researchers to study what the researchers find pertinent, assisting minimally with donated product and in some cases minimal funds donations for additional testing. This strategy leads to better studies and a better understanding of the benefits and effects of hydrogen water- even if the conclusions cannot be marketed. It also ensures that no funds directly go to the scientists researching, as their salaries are paid for by their hospital, University or institution, removing motivation to rig a study in our favour.

Our Molecular Hydrogen Supplements

Drink HRW continues to launch molecular hydrogen tablets and  products we believe will optimize the health of our followers, whether it be AGEless Defense, the first comprehensively formulated product to inhibit AGE formations, or adding essentials such as Vitamin D or Omega 3 at no mark up.

We are passionate about our products, the research we assist in and mission. If you want to get involved, whether you’re a researcher or by spreading the word, visit our page here.