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It’s very simple, hydrogen water is simply water with dissolved hydrogen gas in solution, similar to how carbonated water. The key difference is molecular hydrogen has shown through 1500+ studies, 85+ in humans, to positively impact a wide array of issues, from serious states, to metabolic issues, sports performance & recovery, and protection against acute traumatic events. In fact, the research is showing that molecular hydrogen is a powerful tool to deal with many stressors, with thousands of gene expression alterations leading to beneficial outcomes observed, and both activation and suppression of many critical proteins of pathways documented, overwhelmingly leading to positive outcomes. It seems that hydrogen gas, which we now know is a gaseous signal modulator, may be the best regulator to return many functions back to homeostasis.

Below, find the presentation board that would have been at ACSM this year, comparing our topical bath tablets to RICE protocol after acute ankle sprain:

Don’t take our word for it, or think that this is the first study on our technology, or hydrogen water in general. For everyone’s convenience, we’ve compiled and documented the most extensive database of the human research available, with all known studies categorized. We’ve further categorized the clinical research on our own hydrogen tablets. This is all available, as well as breakdowns on how our technology works and links to our blogs which have tens of thousands of words breaking down the science, on this convenient landing page below:

What’s more is we are committed to transparency and regulatory compliance. We are one of only 4-8% of estimated ingredients legally filed as a New Dietary Ingredient without objection from the US FDA, and are Informed Sport certified for athletes.

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If you’re a researcher interested in studying molecular hydrogen, we’d love to talk. We are currently working with a dozen Universities and research teams world wide. We believe in honest, open research, and if a team has a reasonable plan on a study, we are happy to support them with an active product, well designed placebo, and extra funds to increase testing, controls and statistical power. What’s more is we firmly believe in open science, regardless of the results. We do not require control of study designs, nor control of the decision on whether to publish the outcomes. Science only advances when the truth is told, regardless of whether the truth is positive, or inconvenient.. For more information, email our CEO:


Rejuvenation is the highest concentration and dose hydrogen tablet on the market. Drop in a glass of water, watch the reaction and drink in a little over a minute. This is the tablet utilized in our clinical research

Rejuvenation Blue Raspberry is designed for users looking for a great taste profile, while still getting a high therapeutic dose. Rejuvenation Blue Raspberry gets about half the dosage of regular Rejuvenation, but comes in a great Blue Raspberry taste.

Utilizing the Drink HRW technology, H2 Relief is specifically designed as a tablet to use in bathing to recover from muscle soreness, or acute soft tissue injuries.

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