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Why Are We Reviewing Hydrogen Water?

As the research and popularity of hydrogen water grows, so do the companies entering the fray and marketing their own hydrogen water products and technologies. Sometimes, products do legitimately contain detectable levels of molecular hydrogen, and as such, do not qualify for our “hydrogen water scams” page, but conversely also are inadequate for any meaningful benefits. These “borderline” hydrogen water products often utilize marketing claims that are not supported by the evidence, when considering their provided dosage and concentrations. It is important that consumers know what they are receiving, as with hydrogen water there is often the misconception that “all hydrogen water is the same.” Companies taking advantage of consumer naivete, both through active scams and selling products dosed inadequately, decimated the research funding, and market size, of the industry in Japan and Korea. We touch base on the Japanese consumer affairs report detailing the lack of therapeutic levels of hydrogen in hydrogen water products tested in the article “Comparing Hydrogen Water and Gas Technologies.” We are determined to not allow this to happen in North America and to shepherd the industry down a path of truth, transparency, and solid science.

What is Hydrogen Water?

We have a dedicated page that details what hydrogen water is and isn’t. In brief, hydrogen water, sometimes referred to as “hydrogen-rich water” or “HRW”, is simply water that has had hydrogen gas dissolved into it. Think sparkling water, which is water that has had CO 2 dissolved, the difference being H 2 is being dissolved instead. Hydrogen gas has been shown to exhibit many therapeutic properties and is found in every cell in the body. These therapeutic properties seem to be amplified by perhaps two or more orders of magnitude when dissolved in water, as opposed to when delivered via inhalation. As such, “hydrogen water” is an important delivery vehicle to provide the therapeutic benefits of this crucial gas.

Why Does Concentration Matter?

Simply put, no one would anticipate the same stimulant effect from drinking a teaspoon of low-caffeine green tea vs. a large cup of dark coffee. Or, that the same pain relief would be found by licking an Advil once vs. ingesting four tablets. For some reason, many marketers of hydrogen water products have convinced people that concentration and dosage are irrelevant. This defies logic, as hydrogen water works by efficiently and acutely raising cellular concentrations of hydrogen gas in different organs and tissues. The concentration of gas contained in the hydrogen water, and the volume of the hydrogen water, directly result in how high concentrations reach in the cells, and which tissues and organs are impacted. We have two articles explaining why concentration matters: “Why H 2 Concentration Matters” and “Why H 2 Concentration Matters Pt. 2.” As a quick “alarm bell,” despite the International Hydrogen Standards Association giving out certifications for companies that reach the minimum observed dosage and concentration, which is 1/25th the concentration we reach with a single tablet, many technologies and brands have not sought certification because they are incapable of reaching this concentration and/or the dosage would require multiple units of their product be consumed per day.

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