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Informed Sport

Athletes, both amateur and professional, are constantly concerned with the
possibility of tainted supplements. It’s a real problem and far too many have had their bright futures compromised due to supplements that either intentionally or unintentionally contained banned substances. We are proud that we have gone the extra mile, having many of our products tested and certified “Informed Sport”. Learn more about tainted supplements, Informed Sport certification, and why we pursued it.



Many believe supplements are not regulated in the USA. The truth is, there are laws requiring new ingredients must be filed to the FDA, with an exceptionally low success rate of acceptance, but due to lack of enforcement most companies simply do not bother to comply. By estimates from the FDA, 92-96% of supplemental ingredients that were required to file an NDI, have not. We are proud to be one of very few “legal” supplements in the USA, having spent years compiling a comprehensive portfolio to submit to the FDA, which they accepted without objection. Read more about why NDI status is so important.


Unfortunately, many marketers in the “hydrogen water” space market the benefits of hydrogen water, without declaring their dosage or concentration. Some of these companies will even market the results of our clinical research, despite achieving in some cases 1/100 th the concentration and dose that our hydrogen tablets deliver. Dose is important, most understand that taking 1mg of caffeine would not confer a benefit. With new products such as hydrogen water, this concept can escape scrutiny.

The International Hydrogen Standards Association (IHSA), a group of prominent researchers, has recently started certifying products that reach the minimum therapeutic threshold; something we surpass by over 20 times! Despite this low dosage, many hydrogen water products on the market are incapable of reaching the minimum threshold.

Learn more about the IHSA, why certification is so important, and why we were the first company in line to achieve certification in North America.