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What is Hydrogen Water?

The concept of molecular hydrogen, and specifically hydrogen water, is so new to the mainstream that the challenge is often where to start. For instance, many wonder “what exactly is hydrogen water”, others are curious of what the benefits of hydrogen water are. Some simply want to see the hard scientific research, and those knowledgeable on the subject want to know how our hydrogen water technology, utilizing the hydrogen tablets, stacks up to other methods. We designed this “Discover Hydrogen” page with all of these questions in mind.

Below is the most comprehensive guide to understanding hydrogen water, the benefits, the clinical research, our research and our technology. No other commercial entity has compiled more information on molecular hydrogen and the research behind it. In fact, our updated list of the human clinical research is the most comprehensive in the world. Below, you can truly discover hydrogen.

Confused about what exactly hydrogen water is? Find answers to the most common questions on what it is, and isn’t, in this page!

Hydrogen Water Benefits Simplified

Looking to get a basic grasp on what hydrogen does inside our bodies and how it optimizes our health, but don’t want to take a deep dive into the research? This page is for you!

Hydrogen Water Benefits Simplified

Molecular hydrogen tablets are the most promising preventative aging supplement on the market. Molecular hydrogen tablets are the most promising preventative aging supplement on the market.

Molecular Hydrogen Research

We’ve compiled a list of all the human trials on molecular hydrogen, as well as many review articles, and broken them down by categories. No need to search PubMed, it’s all here!

Drink HRW Studies

No other company in the therapeutic hydrogen technology space is working with more research teams with more studies underway. Learn about the ones that have been published here.

Comparing Hydrogen Technology

With so many different products and technologies on the market with a dizzying variance of claims, it can be quite consuming for consumers. We break down the pros and cons of the technologies currently available for consumers.

Drink HRW Technology

Learn how our open cup tablets work and see the reports on our claimed levels. No smoke and mirrors here, just thorough engineering and science!

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