For non-researchers looking to promote the advancement of H2 education and research, and preventative aging research, we encourage you to donate to these organizations. We at Drink HRW, or our CEO Alex Tarnava- or both- have donated to all of the below:

Molecular Hydrogen Institute

-Promotes the advancement of education on therapeutic H2, and facilitates knowledge to researchers and introductions between research teams worldwide. You can donate, or take their courses and advance your own personal knowledge of H2 while dispelling myths.

Hydrogen Medicine Initiative

Professor Ostojic and his team of Grad students at the University of Novi Sad in Serbia are perhaps the most prolific H2 researchers in humans. They have studied H2 across many areas, using many technologies both water, topical and inhalation. The majority of their research is funded from public grants, with small corporate donations from companies like Drink HRW to provide product and testing for additional markers. As better funded and controlled studies increase showing a benefit, public funding dollars will increase accordingly.

SENS Research Foundation

While they have no H2 related projects, SENS is the only non profit research organization currently striving to promote research and awareness at the task of preventative aging. Our CEO Alex Tarnava has been donating for years, and SENS CSO Aubrey De Grey was one of his first motivators at entering this field of thought.