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Drink HRW Is Now IHSA-Certified

I’m happy to announce another first for Drink HRW. As many of our loyal customers and followers know, we were the first and, to date, the only molecular hydrogen supplement to gain legal status with the US FDA after receiving a no objection on our New Dietary Ingredient Notification. We were then the first commercial product in North America to publicly post gas chromatography results on our hydrogen water from a third party lab utilizing IHSA standards. These results demonstrate the maintained accuracy of our advertised concentrations and dosages, despite our competitors stating that these values were invented and impossible to achieve.

Now, we are the first company to receive IHSA certification on our Rejuvenation Tablets. Here is our certification:

What is the IHSA?

The International Hydrogen Standards Association (IHSA) is a group of prominent researchers studying molecular hydrogen as a therapeutic agent, including the well-known expert Tyler W. LeBaron, who has set out to curb the tide of shoddy products on the market for enhanced consumer protection. From the IHSA’s website, their mission is stated as follows:

“Currently, throughout the world, biomedical researchers, private organizations, and the public are learning about molecular hydrogen therapy, including inhalation of hydrogen gas, drinking hydrogen-infused water (hydrogen water), etc. for the prevention of various diseases and for overall health and wellness.

The evidence of molecular hydrogen as a therapeutic agent is based on published scientific research. However, to date, there has not been an accepted standard, from either scientists or the public, for objectively evaluating the therapeutic efficacy of hydrogen products in terms of concentration, dose, or other requirements. This has led to confusion in the industry, media, government, educational institutions, and commercial markets about hydrogen products. Since molecular hydrogen is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas, it is difficult for consumers to determine the concentration or even the presence of molecular hydrogen in these products.

Therefore, scientific experts on hydrogen medicine from around the world have united to discuss and define the international standards of molecular hydrogen. To achieve this goal, the International Hydrogen Standards Association (IHSA) was established in September 2016. The definitions and standards set forth by IHSA will help to advance scientific research in the academic and medical communities, provide guidance to governmental agencies and educational institutions, encourage responsibility in the areas of design, sales and marketing for the therapeutic hydrogen industry, and provide protection for the consumer by offering certifications for hydrogen technologies in accordance with established IHSA safety and performance and standards.”

The IHSA has set forth standards for the minimum observed therapeutic levels of hydrogen gas in water. These levels do not indicate that they are indeed therapeutic for all individuals and all outcomes, but simply that they reach the lowest threshold in which any evidence exists that it could be therapeutic for specific groups and specific indications. In fact, for many indications such as metabolic syndrome, molecular hydrogen has shown a dose-, concentration-, and duration-dependent response, with higher doses and concentrations taken over a longer period of time leading to significantly greater benefits. This is why I have written two articles on why concentration matters with hydrogen water.

Further, the IHSA certification process requires technologies to be able to pass water analyses and demonstrate that they are safe for consumption as per the guidelines from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It is quite concerning to me that a large percentage of the technologies on the market today are unable to achieve IHSA certification due to their inability to reach the minimum threshold, a level 1/25th of what our hydrogen tablets deliver, or due to the dangerous contamination of the source water through the use of their technology. If a company does not advertise that they are IHSA-certified, all consumers should ask themselves, “Why not?”

What is H2 Analytics?

H2 Analytics is the lab contracted by the IHSA to conduct gas chromatography testing and organize water standards testing to the IHSA’s requirements. H2 Analytics is run by one of the most recognized and trusted names in the therapeutic molecular hydrogen industry, Randy Sharpe. Randy is the founder and owner of H2 Sciences, the maker of the H2 Blue Reagent, the commonly used titration often referred to as the “blue drops” that can measure hydrogen concentration in water. Further, Randy has been integral in the budding hydrogen water industry in North America and has actively participated in moderating groups, answering basic questions on the science, and correcting false beliefs and misunderstandings. Many involved in the hydrogen water industry, from corporations to consumers, owe Randy Sharpe a debt of gratitude for all the work he has done.