50% of retail sales donated to Food Banks for Covid-19 Relief

I’ve already made it explicitly clear I neither intend nor condone supplement companies profiteering off this crisis by advertising “immunity boosting” from their products.

I wanted to go a step further by donating 50% of the retail purchases off of our website to foodbanks. For clarity, 90% will go to Feeding America and 10% will go to the Covid-19 special appeal at Food Banks Canada, to roughly account for the relative populations in each nation and our own customer base.

Why Food Banks?

Food Banks tend to make great use of every dollar donated to their cause. Where many charitable organizations eat up the vast majority of funds to salaries and admin fees, food banks tend to turn every dollar into MORE than an individual could have contributed themselves.

Additionally, food banks are in dire need during this crisis.

Not only is mass hoarding of food dampening the ability to obtain supplies, but in times of crisis like now many have stopped donating.

We challenge all our customers to support local causes during this hardship we face and to STOP hoarding supplies.

During the Spanish Flu in 1918 many actually starved to death, due to hoarding and because no one would deliver them food.

Additionally, many new families may be at risk for needing assistance, due to work-place shut downs. Some business’s are paying their employee’s wages, and some government programs are assisting in workers temporarily laid off, but this will not cover everyone.

Food banks will face a predicament, simultaneously they will see an influx in need, with a reduction in support. 

Additional Incentive

For our customers, we will also provide a gift. During this drive, every purchase of Rejuvenation or AGEless Defense will come with 3 free essentials. No code required.

Free Vitamin D:Many will see a reduction in sunlight, from self-quarantine.

Free Fish Oil/Omega 3: Many grocery stores are low, or out, of fish. 

Free Caffeine: For those needing their caffeine fix, we offer a solution to help with social distancing. 

This promotion will last until at least the end of March. Additionally, I have already donated $100 US to Feeding America, and $100 Canadian to Food Banks Canada to get the donations started. See below: