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Learn more about the hydrogen water studies done by teams using Drink HRW tablets! Drink HRW has several published clinical trials and case studies, with many more underway! It may be time to start incorporating Drink HRW’s Rejuvenation H2 tablets into your regimen for improved health, wellness, pain management, and longevity.

Metabolic Health

Drink HRW has three publications pertaining to metabolic health in humans. Our first pilot study on non-alcoholic fatty liver disease demonstrated strong benefits, and a secondary abstract on this study was published showing an 11% improvement in insulin sensitivity. Our largest study to date is on metabolic syndrome and followed 60 participants for 24 weeks, demonstrating very beneficial results. Click through for further information and links to the articles. *More research on this topic in progress!

Athletic Performance and Recovery

Drink HRW currently has two papers regarding exercise performance. One showed improvements in VO2 max, time to exhaustion, and work completed after 28 days, whereas the other demonstrated a reduction in submaximal heart rate when supplemented with acutely.
*More research on this topic in progress!

Injury and Acute Event Recovery

Drink HRW currently has two case studies published on acute injury recovery, one on a Grade 2 ankle tear in a pro soccer player, and another regarding concussion recovery in a pro soccer player. A larger, randomized, controlled trial comparing hydrogen-rich hydrotherapy to RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) protocol in pro soccer players after Grade 2 ankle tears (18 participants) is finished and under manuscript preparation.
*More research on this topic in progress!

Other Human Studies


Non-Human Studies

At Drink HRW we support many research teams around the world conducting important preclinical research. Preclinical, or non-human, research, whether it be in animal models or cell cultures, helps to gain important information on if molecular hydrogen could be effective, when it may be effective, and how it works. Some of our preclinical research is being done on serious disease models and positive results in animals on these models in no way indicates that similar results will happen in human models, it simply gives justification to proceed with human research. This page is meant to show some of the research directions scientists around the world are taking in exploring molecular hydrogen therapy, using the Drink HRW tablets.

Registered Clinical Trials Underway

Drink HRW has many clinical trials currently underway, or in planning. Some of these ongoing trials have been registered, whereas others have not required registration (particularly those for athletic performance and recovery). Click through for a sample of some of the clinical trials using Drink HRW tablets that are currently underway.