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We are critics, skeptics, fathers, mothers, daughters, and sons. Because at our core, we want nothing more than to help others feel and live their best.

Take a look at what our customers have to say about Drink HRW.

"Best Hangover Cure I've Ever Tried"
I was in a bad car accident as a teenager, and for my entire adult life have struggled with headaches, neck and back issues. I’ve tried everything, chiropractors, massage therapy, acupuncture, but nothing has seemed to work for the long term. I had given up hope, until a friend gave me a bottle of Rejuvenation, and to my utter shock my headaches went away, and my neck and back became manageable. Not only that, but as a busy business owner I keenly became aware of a difference in my mental focus, after drinking a bottle of water prepared with a Rejuvenation hydrogen tablet I feel a certain clarity, and energized. It has definitely improved my productivity both at work and at home.

-Julius Zanoni, Austin TX, USA

"Since adding Rejuvenation tablets into my routine I have noticed an increase in energy, and recovery. Full time academics and the grueling training regime required for national competition takes its toll. Lots of days I would feel exhausted and getting through my routine would be a chore. By supplementing with Rejuvenation hydrogen rich water not only am I sleeping better and less sore, but I feel a spike in energy before training sessions."

- Ana Godinez Gonzalez, Canada

"Ever since I was a child I have had a passion for endurance sports focusing my talents on distance running. In my late teens and early twenties, I attended the University of Guelph where I was a part of the women’s cross country team earning three gold CIS championship medals. I unfortunately learned at an early age what intensified endurance training can do to one’s body. With constant aches and pains, I tried everything – from ice baths after work outs to rid my legs of lactic acid to yoga and massages and various diets. When I first heard of the effects that Rejuvenation Tablets have had on others I thought I would try them. Within a week of drinking two tablets in water a day I noticed the dramatic effects it had not only on my recovery time after work outs, but with the disappearance of my hip pain (I was previously experiencing tightness and joint pain common for most female runners.) Rejuvenation has made me a better athlete and allowed me to push myself to the limits. After introducing Rejuvenation hydrogen tablets to my daily routine, I cannot imagine training for marathons without it."

- Laura M., Canada

End of June I suffered a massive rupture of a disc in my lower back. I ended up needing surgery which took place beginning of Oct. Leading up to the surgery I was taking 2-4 Rejuvenation hydrogen tablets per day. I only took pain medications and muscle relaxers the first week post surgery and have been taking the tablets (4-6 daily) and topical lidocaine cream ever since. My doctors are blown away at my recovery speed. I also suffer from microscopic colitis, which is an inflammatory bowel disease. Though I began taking the pills as an immediate result of the back injury, I have now also noticed a positive progression with my colitis. This disease is un-treatable by western medicine and all they offer are "cover up" medicines to make you feel better about your condition. I am having less flare ups, my breath/mouth is better and skin is clearer, and all around I am feeling more energized. Having poor digestion is very difficult on your body, and even the slightest aid is greatly noticeable. I am 6 months in and truly looking forward to what continued use does for my body, mind, and spirit.

- Joanna Carmalita, Los Angeles, California

Two years ago, frozen shoulder afflicted my right side. It required a saline injection and forced “unlocking” movement done at hospital… with intense pain and pressure that felt like an elephant standing on my shoulder. A year later, I began to feel the same progression of symptoms in my left. I expected I would soon not be able to raise my arm chest high. It was painfully restrictive, especially with my two kids. Sleep suffered: I’d bolt upright several times in the night with intense pain.

I took Rejuvenation hydrogen tablets as a test, thinking there was nothing to lose. I ran it by my doctors and got a green light. Still, my expectations were low, figuring I’d soon be back in hospital for another outpatient injection and pressure treatment.

I was surprised to find about a week into my twice daily drink routine, the dull throbbing in the shoulder reduced by about 50%. By week two, even more, perhaps an 80-90% improvement. Instead of getting worse, the shoulder healed over the coming months. When off Rejuvenation, the pain returned but less severely until eventually it was gone

It has been months now and my shoulder is still fine. I exercise regularly with weights and calisthenics—pain free. Not only that, when I’m on the Rejuvenation drink, two ruptured disks in my lower back that have caused me discomfort for decades are less troublesome. Along with good diet and regular exercise, I consider Rejuvenation an essential part of my preventative health regimen.

- Christopher K. Wallace, Ottawa, ON, Canada