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Fight For Truth

Enough is enough.
Right here, right now.
Let's take back control of our lives.

At Drink HRW, we believe that truth and transparency are the only way.

Research and evidence are the backbone of our belief system. We’re truth seekers which means we want to know the results – good or bad, the truth is what we are always after.

We are critics, skeptics, fathers, mothers, daughters, and sons.

This isn’t just a fight for our customers but it is our fight. We take this personally because we’re in this right along side the people that count on us every day.

We want to live in a world that is honest.

Even more so, a world that those who are dishonest are held accountable. We know this won’t be easy so we embrace the fight. It’s what gets us out of bed every day. We see that everyone’s fight looks different, but that everyone has a fight worth fighting -- and we’re here to help.

Because at our core, we want nothing more than to help others feel their best.

Live their best. We feed off the challenge. The climb. Being told we can’t. The energy of our community drives us forward in a relentless pursuit to be better. To hold ourselves to the highest standard.

But we need to remember real traction happens when we focus on the small victories.

Eat one less candy bar a day. Get up and go for a walk after dinner. And if you’re breaking your personal best or world crossfit records, well that’s okay too.

We hope to one day be known as the honest, unbiased information and product source for all things hydrogen water.

We don’t believe that everything is black and white. We acknowledge what we know today is fluid and might change what we know tomorrow. With that in mind, we are not bound to find the evidence to support that which we believe. But to rather embrace that when we are wrong we learn. And when we learn everyone wins.

We will be responsible for creating a system of transparency in the supplement industry.

We will show the world there’s a different way to sell supplements. To conduct research. And if we do this right, for supplement providers to be held accountable.