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Professional Athletes Using Our Products


Korean Zombie (KZ)

MMA/UFC Fighter

Instagram: @koreanzombiemma

"Rehydration and recovery because of Drink HRW! Their rejuvenation tablets are my favorite after training because I feel energized and know my recovery will be faster. "

-Korean Zombie (KZ)

Chito Vera

MMA/UFC Fighter

Instagram: @chitoveraufc

"Been using Drink HRW pills on my water and trust me water is powerful again!"

- Chito Vera

Carla Esparza

MMA/UFC Fighter

Instagram: @carlaesparza1

"I have to tell you, you're part of the reason why I started using it, to be honest with you, because as soon as I saw a Hydrogen Water, I was like, ""That's a load of crap! That sounds like total nonsense."" And then I saw, I saw you using it. I think I saw Walt Harris using it and a few other people that I really respect. And so, I started to kind of look into it and silly me for judging something that I didn't understand what it was. What do you feel like are the benefits that you've seen from using it?

I just feel like you can be more consistent. When you're training hard, your explosion isn't necessarily affected, but you can do that more consistently, throughout your training. Even when I'm sparring, I let go at my normal pace and I'm like, ""I feel like I can get more volume out of this, because I have more gas going into the rounds and stuff. And I'm like that in the third round of my fight, actually. That's why I kind of stepped on the pedal. I was like, ""I am not tired at all."" I'm not even breathing hard. I have so much more to go, I need to let it all out."" "

Walt Harris

MMA/UFC Fighter

Instagram: @thebigticket205

"What's going on, y'all? It's the Big Ticket here. Just wanted to give you a quick testimonial about this awesome new product I've been using lately. It's called Drink HRW magnesium tablets for your water, helps with recovery, helps with sleep at night and it's just a great overall product. I love it. It helps me get down my gallons of water in between training and keeps my system strong and ready to go for the next session.

I highly recommend it to you guys, check it out, especially while you're at home doing your in-home workouts. Everybody's sitting around, get over there and give them a shot. Tell them the Big Ticket sent you and try the product. I mean, it's really, it's really, really amazing. I'm enjoying them, my whole family is enjoying them. My wife uses the tablets and the tub. I use the tablets and the tub. It's just, it's a great product and I just want to say thank you to Drink HRW for joining the team, helping me out and sending me this amazing product, keeping me healthy, keeping me strong and ready to go. Thank you guys!"

James Krause

MMA/UFC Fighter

Instagram: @thejameskrause

"What's up, guys? I'm usually really hesitant to do videos like this because I don't take supplements. I don't take a pre/post workouts, protein, BCAs, I don't take any of that stuff. So I'm usually real hesitant to do stuff like this, but lately I've been trying this drink HRW and especially days like today, where I'm a little bit sick. I left my window open last night. Hopefully I didn't get the coronavirus.

I need a little pick me up, and this is a great thing. If you're like me, you don't really ... I need to drink more water anyway, so I just put one of these tablets in here. I did the rejuvenation raspberry flavor and it kind of adds a little spark to the flavor of water. It makes everything a lot better. It gives me a little bit of boost energy. I feel a little bit better about the day."

Ricky Simon

MMA/UFC Fighter

Instagram: @rickysimonufc

“As a professional athlete I am always looking for a way to train harder and recover faster. Since I have added the rejuvenation tablets from Drink HRW into my regular workout routine, I have felt amazing. I usually take them before strenuous activity such as strength and condition, wrestling class and sparring. I have felt a surge of energy throughout the workout and most importantly I am recovering faster!”

-Ricky Simon

Alex Perez

MMA/UFC Fighter

Instagram: @alexperezmma

“I started taking the Drink HRW tablets a few months ago and it has been a big help in my training and recovery. I can feel the difference after a hard training session. I recommend anyone that trains to give them a try.”

-Alex Perez

Louis Smolka

MMA/UFC Fighter

Instagram: @lastsamuraiufc

“hydrogen water tablets changed the way I train! 🙌🏼I drop these tablets into my water before practice and I am able to hit higher reps and train longer without getting tired or feeling thirsty!”

- Louis Smolka

Eryk Anders

MMA/UFC Fighter

Instagram: @erykanders

“Awesome for hydration, recovery, and it’s been clinically proven to increase VO2 max.”

- Eryk Anders

Brandon Royval

MMA/UFC Fighter

Instagram: @broyval

"Hey, I just wanted to take a moment and thank HRW for being a huge part of this fight camp and a part of my team now. They're huge for this fight camp and helping me with my recovery and helping me with my weight cut. HRW, try it out."

Tristan Connelly

MMA/UFC Fighter

Instagram: @mmatristan

"CEO of Drink HRW Alex Tarnava approached me asking if I had heard of Hydrogen water. I honestly had never heard of it. He let me know a bit about the company and why he started it; as well as let me know about the research he had done and what he was planning to do. He offered me some of his product to try at my own leisure and gave me a very honest opinion on what he's seen with his research and his unique process. I was pleasantly surprised with the products as my recovery and workouts felt great. I’ve always been one to research products and methods I use in my training and nutrition and Alex’s approach was clearly very realistic and scientific and lacking any pseudo or “bro” science. After doing my due diligence it was clear that Drink HRW is a brand I wanted to be associated with and a part of, and had a very promising future in the health and wellness industry." - UFC fighter

- Tristan Connelly"

Frank Camacho

MMA/UFC Fighter

Instagram: @frankthecrank

"My go to pre and post workout drink mix! At first I was skeptical, thinking it will just be another placebo effect. After 30 days of using Drink HRW products, I got off for a day and felt the massive decline in performance and recovery. Science doesn’t lie. The product is the truth! Thanks Drink HRW"

- Frank C.

Devonte Smith

MMA/UFC Fighter

Instagram: @koe_kingkageufc

"What's up, everybody? It's King Kage. Hopefully, everybody is staying safe. I wanted to talk about the HRW body soak. It helps with the recovery. I've been using it for my Achilles' for about a month now, especially when we could go for rehab and stuff like that. I will be super tender, super sore. So, usually I just come home, soak my foot, and play UFC 3. Nobody want them problems on me."

Cole Smith

MMA/UFC Fighter

Instagram: @thecoletrain01

"Its hard to find something that can help keep my body in prime shape from training so much , but thanks to Drink HRW, the Hydrogen Rich Water has kept my recovery 👌. It reduces excess oxidative damage and inflammation so my bodies not all beaten up all the time. Not many water’s out there are clinically validated, so that makes me trust"

- Cole Smith

Gina Mazany

MMA/UFC Fighter

Instagram: @ginadangerak

“I drink HRW water because it gives me the extra ooompf that I need for fist fight. My second favorite thing about HRW water is it helps me with my recovery which is extremely necessary for optimal performance”

- Gina Mazany

Tyson Nam

MMA/UFC Fighter

Instagram: @naminal11

"I am always skeptical about taking new products that claim this and that but, I decided to give Drink HRW a try. From the very first workout that I had after drinking the rejuvenation tablets, I felt like I had a higher output during my workout and still had energy when I was finished. I’ve never felt this energized even with pre workout supplements. Now before every workout, I make sure to drink my rejuvenation tablets from Drink HRW. Take your workouts to the next level!!"

- Tyson Nam

Jodie Esquibel

MMA/UFC Fighter

Instagram: @jodieesquibel

“I have consistently worked in Drink HRW to my daily routine. I want to share with you what I have found. As you may know I am coming off a significant injury breaking my ulna in my last fight. Drink HRW has kept me on track and helped my recovery process by leaps and bounds. Now that I am increasing my workouts again the recovery I feel is different in a positive way, quicker faster and easier recovery. The hydrogen soaks are amazing and as an athlete I definitely will continue this practice FOREVER! No BS just a very few benefits from the athletic side of things for your consideration. I have many more details to fill you in about the day to day benefits!!! I just want you guys to know about a product that I believe in and honestly take.”

- Jodie Esquibel

Josh Streacker

MMA/UFC Fighter

Instagram: @jstreacker

"I used this with no biased opinion whatsoever... From my personal experience I feel recovered, I feel hydrated, I feel ready to go after a hard training session. I know for me, MMA is one of the toughest sports out there and my body definitely takes a beating, and this is one of the big things that has helped me recover as of late"

-- Josh Streacker

Lupita Godinez

MMA/UFC Fighter

Instagram: @loopygodinez

"My shoulder had been really bugging me, clicking and hurting. It was stopping me from competing and training how I wanted. As an active Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitor with the goal of becoming a professional mixed martial artist, my joints and mobility are very important. I was given a bottle of Rejuvenation hydrogen tablets and my pain went away, my shoulder mobility came back. I was able to start training again how I needed to. I’ve been taking Rejuvenation ever since and recommend it to everyone."

- Lupita Godinez, Coquitlam, BC, Canada

Liz Carmouche

MMA/UFC Fighter

Instagram: @iamgirlrilla

"Hey everyone. Do you want to see my posts about drink HRW, these little rejuvenation pills that you just drop in some water? They've been making a phenomenal difference in my training. Being that I wasn't able to maximize the training I wanted to during quarantine, I'm now able to hit it even harder.

Not only am I noticing in between rounds in training, but also the next day that I'm able to kick it into high gear, getting ready for my next fight. Now you just got to take that call."

Bobby Green

MMA/UFC Fighter

Instagram: @bobbykinggreen

"Morning, guys. I want to tell you about something I love to do in the mornings. My favorite thing to do. We have this stuff called DrinkHRW Rejuvenation. The raspberryone's my favorite. Try to look for the raspberry. But basically what we do is we take these, I'm going to take these right here, drop them in this water. This is really greatfor healing the body, recovery. Studies have shown that it's better than the RICE; raise, elevate, ice, compression, that stuff. It's way better for the healing.To be honest, I'm just kind of embarrassed to say it, but for my girls, if you ever have the bloating issues, this really helps, too. Also, with bloating. I noticed that I get a lot of air in my stomach and stuff. I take a few of these. It takes the bloating away.Give it a try. It has so many benefits to this. It's just amazing on what this stuff can do. It helps with so many things that you could possibly think of; headaches, hydration, healing of the body, inflammation. There's just so many things it does. Check it out, guys. HRW. Drink HRW"

- Bobby Green

Tim Elliot

MMA/UFC Fighter

Instagram: @awkward_mma

"What's up guys, Tim Elliott here. Excited to be partnering with HRW, they do hydrogen water. It's been really nice for me for after training and stuff, like for recovery I notice a difference in, I feel like, my oxygen intake, honestly, and my soreness. But for me, the most important one or the one that I use the most are these hydrogen soaks, these little tablets. I throw 9 or 10 of these in my bath after training, and I don't have to go all the way to the UFC Performance Institute to get my recovery, I can do it at my house, in my own privacy. So these have been a real game-changer in my camps, they help with soreness and recovery, so check them out. Drink HRW."

Cris Cyborg

MMA/UFC Fighter

Instagram: @criscyborg

"I have been using Drink HRW before my training, after my training, and it helps me in the recovery, help me in my cardio and I feel amazing after I used it."

Gallito / Alejandro Flores

MMA/UFC Fighter

Instagram: @alejandroflorresmma

"My favorite part of Rejuvenation tablets has been the energy boost I get and recovery I receive. I feel I can train longer and don’t feel the strain on my muscles as much anymore! "

Miles Jones

MMA/UFC Fighter

Natan Levy

MMA/UFC Fighter

Instagram: @natan_levy

After a rough week of training, the best way to recover is by using H2 relief! The bath table have been a game changer to bring my body back to normal and allow me to function

Ian Heinisch

MMA/UFC Fighter


"HRW has really helped my recovery. I train so much and lose so much water and sometimes cramp. But since I have used HRW it has helped keep me hydrated and cramping is a thing of the past! "

Casey Kenney

MMA/UFC Fighter



Michael Del Zotto


Instagram: @mdzofficial

"As an 11 year veteran in the NHL I am constantly trying to find new ways to recover and heal quicker. With the grueling 82 game schedule I have found Drink HRW has immensely helped with rapid recovery and reduction of exercise induced inflammation. I only wish I discovered this product when I began my career..."

- Michael Del Zotto

Terrance Willams


Instagram: @realdeal2_83

Duncan Keith


Instagram: @dk_2_

“I’ve done a lot of research over my 15 year career to develop my own refined and effective toolbox. Drink HRW is in that box for a reason.”

Craig Robertson


Instagram: @c_robertson53

Elite Functional Fitness Athletes

Will Moorad

2019 10th fittest man on the planet, 2x crossfit games competitor

Instagram: @willmoorad

“What's up, guys? Will Morad here, just wanted to give you a quick product review on Drink HRW. These are hydrogen tabs, and I've been demoing this product for about six weeks now and have noticed a tremendous improvement in my recovery, muscle soreness and just general energy, really. And all it is are these hydrogen tabs, you drop it in 10, 12 ounces of water. You let them dissolve and you drink them. And I don't know all the ins and outs of molecular hydrogen and how it optimizes athletes' performance and recovery, but I will say that I've noticed a pretty huge difference, especially in more endurance based tests or training sessions. Along with just the tabs that you drop in a water bottle, they also offer similar tabs that you just drop in a bathtub. And I guess, they permeate the skin in a way that benefits us, similar to ingesting it through the pill.

So, I've been doing both, I drink two to three bottles of the hydrogen water a day, and then I do the baths two or three times a week, depending on what I'm doing and training, or if I'm really feeling beat up, I'll do that at the end of the day. But definitely drinking them, and all I got to say is, I think it works, obviously you're drinking water, so that's good for your performance, but the molecular hydrogen has some pretty good case studies on it. Go ahead and hit the link in my story and that will take you to some of their case studies that they've run and it can speak to it a little bit more in depth. Obviously, if you're into nerding out on that type of stuff, it'll be in there. Like I said, I don't know all the science, but I do know how I feel and I think it's worth a shot, so check them out, guys.”


Carol-Ann Reason-Thibault

5x crossfit games athlete, 2019 16th fittest woman on the planet

Instagram: @reason.thibault_caro

“I have been using the Drink HRW hydrogen capsules for six to eight weeks now. I am using them two to three times a day before every training session. What I noticed most is my energy. I am way less sore too, especially after a legs training. I am feeling less sore the day after.

In addition to this, I use the bath capsules two to three times a week. This increases my level of energy and increases my recovery. Looking forward to seeing how the next couple of weeks goes with those improvements. I love it all.”

- Carol-Ann

Meg Reardon

2x games athlete, 2019 23rd fittest woman on the planet

Instagram: @megg_a_tron

"What's up, you guys? I've been tagging Drink HRW in a ton of my posts and have been getting a lot of questions about what exactly it is. This is a hydrogen tablet. I normally take it in the morning. I'm taking it for about two months now. I noticed really great results from the get, as far as overall recovery and performance. My sleep has been awesome. I can push a lot harder in those really long endurance metcons. So highly recommend you check them out, if you want to, Drink HRW on their Instagram, or you guys can shoot me a DM."

Samuel Cournoyer

2019 35th fittest man on the planet

Instagram: @scournoyer95

"Hey guys. Sam Cournoyer here. I've been able to drink HRW for the last month, and I can tell you it's a game changer. It's hydrogen water, you just have to put two tablets in your water, 15 minutes before your workout. It's really helped me with my sleep and my recovery, it's crazy. I see the difference after two weeks, and since that, I'm using it every day. So go to the link in my bio and go get yours. HRW. Thanks guys."


Marc Montoya of Factory Muay Thai


Instagram: @coachmarcmontoya

"Good morning guys, this is coach Marc Montoya from FactoryX. So I've partnered with an amazing company, it's called Drink HRW. They have some amazing tabs that we use for our water. They also have some tabs that you can use after training, post-training, for anything you have soreness or any of that.

One of my routines is to basically take one of these tabs, I actually take two of them. The cool thing is that one, they have this raspberry flavor and then a non-flavor. So, you decide what you like, but I take two of these tabs. I take them, put them in this water bottle every single morning. And from my gallon jug, I just fill this up. And this is something that I use to just combat fatigue. I use this for endurance, and this is something that I've actually really noticed with the endurance, that it's helped a lot.

These tabs just dissolve inside of here. It takes maybe a minute, and then after that, sip away, drink this stuff. Drink HRW is a amazing company, go check them out. If you're looking for anything that is going to help you with your training, with post and pre, the fatigue, the endurance, all that stuff. Thank you. Drink HRW. Appreciate your product.""

Eddie Cha


Instagram: @eddie_cha

"Hey guys, Eddie Cha here, I'm here to talk about HRW. At my age, recovery is everything, and this is what really gets me going. It's super easy to use. Just plop a tablet or two in your water, let it dissolve and drink it. The best part about this product right here, HRW, is that it's a USADA approved so I can share it with my athletes as well."

Tyler "Melee" Minton


Instagram: @tylermintonnutrition

"Guys, let me tell you about this product called HRW Rejuvenation. I've been taking this for several months now and it's been an absolute game changer for me. My life is filled with stress, filled with opportunities for inflammation. I'm constantly catching flights, traveling to new time zones, managing the weight cuts of your favorite mixed martial artists and UFC, Bellator, And pretty much every promotion out there. I'm still working out two times a day, every day that I can. I live a very high speed, high stress life. So joint inflammation, internal inflammation, oxidative stress, these are all things that affected me for years. Things I've always had issues with and I've never really been able to quite manage just through sleep and proper diet alone. Since I found this product, I have noticed an amazing difference in my stress, in my inflammation, in my sleep quality. All the damage that I create as a result of my job, as a result of my occupation, this stuff has helped me with tremendously. I highly recommend this. If you were someone who you just have a high stress job and you're working out all the time, you need to improve your sleep. Really virtually anything. We're all very stressed people, it's a very stressed time to be alive right now. This stuff will absolutely change your life. The results are immediate, you're going to notice a difference very, very fast. I love it, I know you will too. Please give it a try."

- Coach Tyler

Internationally Competitive Amateurs

Ana Godinez

Instagram: @anapaulagodinez

"Hi, my name is Anna and I'm a full-time student athlete and a freestyle wrestler. Coming fresh off winning the Canada West Championships yesterday, I always make sure to take my rejuvenation tablets for my Sunday lift."

Karla Godinez

Instagram: @karla_wrestling

"Today was my first day back on the mats! The pain is completely gone. I was able to do everything. I took 4 [tablets] in the morning and 4 in the different times."

- Karla Godinez