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If you’re a researcher interested in studying molecular hydrogen, we’d love to talk to you. We are currently working with a dozen universities and research teams worldwide. We believe in honest, open research. If a team has a reasonable plan for a study, we are happy to support them with an active product, a well-designed placebo, and extra funds to increase testing, controls, and statistical power. Moreover, we firmly believe in open science, regardless of the results. We do not require control of study designs, nor control of the decision on whether to publish the outcomes. Science only advances when the truth is told, regardless of whether the truth is positive or inconvenient. For more information, email

Since reaching out to public teams, we at Drink HRW have had 6 completed clinical trials and 2 case studies using our hydrogen tablets published in the last 2 years. There are also 3 teams conducting preclinical research using our hydrogen tablet technology, and 12 clinical trials either underway or with protocols being designed. None of this would be possible without the high levels of interest and passion from researchers, and we are dedicated to doing what we can to assist.