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Alex Tarnava Featured in Forbes

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Alex Tarnava is the CEO of Drink HRW, and the primary inventor of the open-cup hydrogen tablets. Alex runs the clinical outreach program for our company, working with over a dozen universities coordinating research. Alex has also published research of his own. You can find it on his ResearchGate. Additionally, he has been interviewed for many prominent publications, such as Entrepreneur and Forbes, and on many popular Podcasts. You can find all of his interviews and articles on his media page.

Alex Tarnava Featured in Forbes

Last Friday there was a short blurb about me (and several others) on Forbes in an article called the “Art of Influence”. Upon reflection, true influence is an art not a science. While skills can be learned to persuade, to truly influence others over the long term and earn their trust requires passion, honesty and integrity. It requires caring about who you’re influencing and pursuing shared passions and goals. Finding where your vision connects with theirs, and how helping them achieve their goals will help you achieve yours.

When I write about what I’m doing I try to be cautious. When it comes to claims regarding my products, I work to be even more cautious. In fact, I will consciously avoid using persuasion skills as I feel it undermines my long-term goals regarding aiding with the scientific advancements. I understand the limitations of the science and as such do not want to over represent it. In private, this determination falls apart. I’m truly passionate about what I’m doing and have access to significant amounts of data not yet in the public domain. Anyone who knows me knows when I get started on a subject I’m interested in I often won’t shut my mouth. This passion has led to quick growth in our presence in the market. I’m cautious with hydrogen water, that said my caution is about 100x stronger with the proprietary blend I formulated AGEless Defense. Where hydrogen water, and now our tablets, have clinical data and strong evidence of safety and increasing evidence of benefit across many different outcomes in humans, AGEless Defense is in the realm of educated guesses through thorough research and consistent logic. Every ingredient in AGEless Defense does come with known benefits, individually, and there is good reason to believe that combined they will be at least additive if not synergistic. Ultimately, it remains in the “plausible” camp rather than the proven.

I’ve long realized that the vast majority of people taking 
AGEless Defense are family, friends and family of friends. Often when I bump into those I know but see rarely they comment “I love your product” to which I respond “ya, the hydrogen tablets are becoming very popular”. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve heard “I meant the AGEless ones”, and then heard a following testimonial or anecdote about what they’ve done for their health. In fact, this is the reason I broke my rule and launched AGEless Defense. The results I got in my own N1 trial on myself after meticulously formulating, and the results I continue to get. There are a couple of very important markers that drastically improved for myself, and now in many others, and the feedback is quite consistent. That said, it is not controlled.

After spending the weekend at a show dedicated to extending human lifespan, I realized the bulk of the remainder of AGEless Defense customers are business acquaintances I also know well and have spoken to in private about the formulation and about advanced glycation end product crosslinking. Like my family, friends and family and friends of friends who have taken it and experienced the benefits, these colleagues have been faithfully ordering for quite some time. I reflected on my flight home Sunday night if I’ve been too optimistic in private regarding AGEless Defense, or too reserved publicly. What steps can I take to reconcile this incongruity between my emotional passion and logical restraint? I’ve attempted to get AGEless Defense studied in the same way I have managed to get the hydrogen tablets studied, however the interest simply isn’t there; not to say there is no interest in the formulation, but in allocating research time and funds to study a blend of a dozen ingredients in proprietary quantities just doesn’t fly in public research. As for private research, the costs are high and I have been dedicated to advancing the knowledge on the hydrogen tablets, and hydrogen water in general.

The more I think about it, the more I believe I need to pursue private research on 
AGEless Defense in the future, once funds already allocated to private research replicating the public research we have on the tablets has been spent, and new budgeting is introduced.

In the meantime, I felt compelled to write about it, and to promote anyone reading to give it a try. If you haven’t read my articles on advanced glycation end product crosslinking, or on the 
AGEless stack, the articles are here below:

If you feel compelled to try it now for the next 72hrs 
AGEless Defense is buy one get one free with the code INFLUENCE. Additionally, because this is a 60 day supply, we will honour a 60 day money back guarantee. Try the product, monitor your health, and if you don’t find an improvement let us know and we will provide a full refund.